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Wolfgang Flad: DISPLAY, 2018

Galerie Borchardt
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20457 Hamburg

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Wed-Fry 12 - 18 pm

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Hamburg City, near Chilehaus
U-Bahn Meßberg (2 min.)
U- and S-Bahn Jungfernstieg (5 min.)
U- and S-Bahn Hauptbahnhof (10 min.)
Parking Burchardtplatz (2 min.)
Car park Gr. Reichenstr. (2 min.)

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DISPLAY // Wolfgang Flad

19. Okt 2018 - 15. Feb 2019

The Berlin artist Wolfgang Flad is unique. He creates art that touches the viewer without offering him the chance to compare it with other works. Sculptures, installations, and reliefs are created, and even their creation process is difficult to decipher. The basic material is wood, which is quite profane from the DIY store, but its methamorphosis into a work of art goes through processes of coincidence, deformation and transformation, so that in the end objects emerge whose origin seems to lie in another world - unseen. Ultimately, it is the artist's concern to remember the biological origin, to give the material a new, sensual life and to sensitize our gaze to it. Accompanying the exhibition is - as always - a booklet with a text by Ulrich Kavka.