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Helle Jetzig



Helle Jetzig moves between two areas of tension, painting on one side and photography on the other. The first being non-representational, loyal to colour and form opposed by his black and white photography faithful to form. Helle Jetzig ensures that these two oppositional techniques come together. His workmanship is a time consuming process full of effort. Photographs are arranged and printed on a wooden base and the following continuous process of painting takes weeks to complete. Ultimately the work is sanded, lacquered and sealed with a finishing varnish.

1956born in Emden
1978 - 84Study at the University Osnabruck
1995 - 96Work visit in New York
1996Work visit in Cuba
2000Work visits in New Mexico, Arizona und California (USA) and Taipei (Taiwan)
seit 2004Works on 'The old world'
2005Work visit in New York

Helle Jetzig lives and works in Osnabruck.

Individual exhibitions [selection]

2007 Peter Borchardt Gallery, Hamburg, 'Realities'
Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche, Osnabrück (ab 09.12.07)
2005 Peter Borchardt Gallery, Hamburg, 'Both Sides Equal'
Kunsthalle Arnstadt, Arnstadt
Kashya Hildebrand Gallery, New York (USA)
2004 Stadtgalerie Osnabrück, 'Identity' (with Tessa Verder)
2003Peter Borchardt Gallery, Hamburg, 'Earthbound'
Kunstverein Bayreuth, 'Urban Structures'
European Art Expo, Dusseldorf, Peter Borchardt Gallery - One Artist Show

Group exhibitions [Selection]

2004KunstKöln, Peter Borchardt Gallery
Art Frankfurt, Peter Borchardt Gallery
Sala Estudi General, Universitat de València (E),"essències 8",Colleciò Olor Visual Ernesto Ventós
Kunsthalle St.Annen, Lubeck, Art after 1945 (Sellerbeck collection)
2003Emsdettener KunstvereinArt Frankfurt
ARCO MadridArt Cologne
Arte Fiera Bologna
KunstKöln, Peter Borchardt Gallery
Art Frankfurt, Peter Borchardt Gallery
Stadtgalerie Enschede (NL), 'Querschnitt II'
Kunstverein Bad Salzdetfurth, 'Wie ein Fisch im Wasser'('like a fish in the water')
Emsdettener Kunstverein, 'Was ist geblieben?' ('what has stayed?')
Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche, Osnabruck, 'arte regionale III'
2002Art Miami
Local art collections Schloss Salder, 'Salon Salder', Salzgitter
Kunstverein Villa Streccius, Landau/Pfalz, 'Bildräume'
Kunsthalle of the European Art Academy Trier 'Spektrum Kunstlandschaft'
2001"2 x 2", exhibition projekt, Kunsthalle Osnabrueck + "Plan B"
Santa Fe, NM, USA
One-Artist-Show: Kunst Cologne 2001
Peter Borchardt Gallery "You are Here Now!"
2000 Tammen & Busch Gallery, Berlin
Peter Borchardt Gallery, One-Artist-Show at Kunst Cologne 2000, Köln
"2 x 2", exhibition projekt Santa Fe, NM, USA
Work visit NM, USA
Work visit Taipei, TW
"Visible World", Kunstverein Rotenburg
1999 KUNSTMARKT DÜSSELDORF (catalogue, at Peter Borchardt Gallery)
Peter Borchardt Gallery, 1. triannual Photography festival Hamburg 1999
Peter Borchardt Gallery "Uncertain Places"
Salon Salder, City Museum Schloss Salder, Salzgitter
1998 Peter Borchardt Gallery: "A Question of Time"
Photo Forum St. Gallen, Switzerland
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